My name is Wayne Dunkley & I'm a Sydney based Web Developer.

I work with small businesses, creative agencies & organisations to build products & services that empower people, support growth & create change.

With over 8 years of experience in online and digital technologies, working with some of Australia's greatest companies and most talented teams, I have gained the skills and expertise to help make things happen.

A Bit About Me

Main skills

Web Development - Frontend
Building beautiful websites from the very beginning.

Project & Team Leadership - Ownership
Leading & supporting teams of developers.

Interaction Design & Development - Animation
Bringing content and user-experience to life.

Problem Solving - Innovation
Finding solutions with a wealth of experience.

Skills & Services to
Empower Your Business

Website Development

The core of my craft and where it all began. Building small static sites to e-commerce, blogs and even enterprise level style-systems.


Your user is the reason you are building something, so lets make sure it's beautiful and designed with usability in mind.

Digital & Mobile

Our mobiles are at the center of our day-to-day lives and your website should be ready for any device.


That extra 10% that takes your website from good to great! From micro-animations to full user-immersion.

Project Planning

Estimating, planning and leading projects of various sizes, from personal websites to global e-commerce.


A passion turned professional skill. Product photography, real estate and lifestyle shots to enhance your business.

Top Companies I've
Worked With

heads down view of a desk with people working on it

Lets get in touch & create something together.

You can contact me directly by email at dev@waynedunkley.com or through any of my other social platforms.

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